Next book Mommy, Why Do You Want Me?

I am absolutely ecstatic! My second book was published.. and I could not have done this without the help of my first book, Ask and you shall receive! Using these questions got me to finish it, publish it and now….. Yesterday no questions were asked yet… I was waiting for the launch of the book. As soon as I began to ask questions with my friend Susan Shatzer the book from #25,600 went to #95!!! right now at 9:26 pm is #91! Now, How does it get any better than that? and it will!

Betty, could not resist anymore the sadness, she had to feel it! Entering in a turmoil of depression, guilt and self judgement, as we can all imagine when one loses a child, she was able to turn all odds around with the help of her husband and the unbelievable psychotherapy offered by her beautiful gray horse.

This book has to do with loss, infertility, hope and miracles…. and a surprise that nobody really expects!

If intrigued, Buy the book here.

Front 3D Mommy WDYWM



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