About Maria La Riva

Maria, author of ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE: This Time You WILL!

From a very early age she realized that connecting with people, writing and facilitating workshops was what brought her to life. “Apparently, my life was great when I was a child. I lived in Paris and went to the best schools in France and the USA. I felt then abandoned and worthless.

For forty years I went through pretty harsh times until I found some extraordinary modalities that offered me tools to become strong and leave behind my past.

My life as an adult was harsh, passing through an incredible amount of experiences. “I know, I’ve been there” is my most common sentence when coaching. People feel at ease with me, knowing I can understand them from personal experiences and think that if I could come to a tranquil state of mind, then they would also be able to.

I never gave up asking where could I find a faster and easier way to be abundant and to be in an easy state of mind. Now that I found it, I could not keep it to myself and decided to write a manual with tools and the main questions to ask the Universe.

This simply works and made my life so much easier in such a short time that it really seems magic.

I am now compelled to share these tools with you.


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